Supports & rehabilitates those who aspire to live independently

Cotswold Supported Living LTD. is a health & social care service providing premium, modern, high quality supported living.

About us

Cotswold Supported Living offers high quality, safe, effective, well-led and responsive supported living opportunities in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds surroundings.

Cotswold Supported Living offers:

  • Small home settings with one-to-one service
  • 24-hour support
  • Health and nutrition
  • Assistance with booking and attending appointments
  • Day activities in-house and community-based
  • The opportunity for clients to choose what they would like to do on a day-to-day basis
  • Support to build personalised structured days
  • Encouragement to achieve daily goals
  • Support to build skills to live independently

We offer residency for:

  • Long-term placements
  • Short-term
  • Respite
  • Emergency placements
  • Day services
Adult supervised

Cotswold Supported Living has a wide range of expertise in supporting:

  • Mental health
  • Learning disabilities
  • Learning difficulties
  • Autism
  • Behaviours that challenge
  • Dementia
  • Complex needs

Our approach

Our approach is to create achievable outcomes.

Cotswold Supported Living will have four main outcomes:


Promote independence, dignity, and choice.


Support with day-to-day living.


Build and accomplish life skills.


Assist individuals to live more independently.

Too achieve these outcomes & goals, we promote independence, dignity, control & choice in all aspects.

To do this, we will complete the following:

Formualte plan icon

1. Formulate plan

Formulate tailor-made, centred care plans with reachable goals:

  • A. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reachable, Time Friendly needs.
  • B. Build on strengths and weaknesses.
  • C. Formulate user-friendly daily notes for staff and residents to easily complete.
Activities icon

2. Activities

Staff to promote daily activities. Activities are chosen by clients. Activities are spontaneous rather than being repetitive.

Examples of Activities - see all activities

  • Adventure outings
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Animal Therapy
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Assisting with interviewing new staff
Objectives plan icon

3. Objectives

Accomplish the following objectives to build skills:

  • A. Implement and follow The Inclusion Circle.
  • B. Inform and engage support links available in the community.
  • C. Set-up job coaching workshops, encourage training qualifications course, promote volunteering and work placements.
  • D. Develop personal and community based networks.
  • E. Information provided for travel.
Integration icon

4. Integration

Encourage service users to make their own decisions and choices. Help integrate individuals back into the community and live interpedently including assisting with:

  • A. Setting up financial help and guidance.
  • B. Setting up viewings of places to live, independently.
  • C. Assisting clients with house viewings and moving to new accommodations when individuals are ready.
The inclusion circle diagram

Our promise

To proivde the best and most rewarding supported living service on offer to those hoping to live independently.

We will attain this promise through one-to-one support; encouraging client engagement in their communities; promote and help individuals to build life skills and offer high quality education in chosen topics; and ensure a friendly, dedicated, soft approach from staff whilst offering excellent companionship.

The key areas we work towards with individuals are:

  • Ensuring all individuals are in control of the support they receive
  • Staying in control will be accomplished daily.
  • Clients will clearly understand Cotswold Supported Living’s services and why they are receiving care in order to stay in control.
  • Support will be provided when either individuals want or need it.
  • Believe people are able to make decisions rather than assuming individuals are incapable to do so.
  • Creating opportunities for individuals to participate as fully as they can at all levels of the service, including the day-to-day running of the service.
  • Ensuring and enabling individuals to make choices in the way they live and receive care.
  • Individuals will be fully involved in every decision that affects their care, including personal decisions (such as what to eat, what to wear, what to do, and what time to go to bed).
  • Residents will assist management with the recruitment of care staff.
  • Policies and procedures, wherever possible, will be developed and/or understood by residents working with management to ensure personalised care is achieved.
  • Make time to understand and know each client, including past personal history and past achievements.
  • Residents will be encouraged to have individual, private space where they can personalise their rooms as they wish.
  • Develop life story biographies.
  • Treating people equally and fairly.
  • Rewarding volunteering and work placements will be encouraged in order to attain a sense of achievement and income.
  • Local community will benefit from clients who reside at Cotswold Supported Living.
  • Empowering clients by providing jargon-free information.
  • Positive encouragement leading to positive thinking leading to positive behaviour and positive decisions.
  • High quality education in chosen topics will be offered through community links and individuals will be encouraged to achieve qualifications.

Our services & location

All our homes work closely with individuals to put in place a personalised support care plan. This enables them to lead the life they choose with as much control as possible over decision-making, daily routines, leisure activities and the level of assistance required by our trained and experienced care staff.

An important part of living life the way individuals wish, is having their own personal and private space. This is why we encourage our clients to personalise their rooms how they would like to.

A welcoming, calm, relaxing, family environment is essential for all of our services. We aim to build a lasting and easily accessible community and network for all clients, where they are able to develop lifelong friendships, to socialise and understand the importance of respect and tolerance for others’ privacy, lifestyle choices and behaviours. We also understand the importance to our clients of maintaining relationships outside our service. The locations of the homes make it easy for family and friends to visit and local transport links make it easy for clients to visit those important to them – we will help individuals learn the skills required to travel using these transport links.

Cheltenham park

All our homes are conveniently located near local educational, leisure, shopping, religious and other amenities. This enables clients to become involved in community life in the way they choose and feel comfortable with. Good transport links make it easy to access a wider range of activities and attractions in the surrounding areas. All our homes are also located near local parks, giving service users attractive views and access to green spaces for leisure activities or exercise.

Cheltenham street view

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Making a referral

All applicants are welcome – inner and outer county placements are welcome. Cotswold Supported Living offers the most rewarding supported living experience for individuals.

Offering a referral service will allow Cotswold Supported Living to make an assessment in order to see if the service is able to meet the requirements of each individual. We ask for referrals to be answered honestly and to the best of your abilities in order for the correct support to be offered.

Cotswold Supported Living has an open door, fresh start policy. We will take admissions based on what is currently going on now in people's lives, and will not dwell on past events. We will strive to make opportunities happen and placements successful.

Cotswold Supported Living encourages family and friends to be involved from day one and to help and support loved ones as they normally would.

Cotswold Supported Living admission process:

  1. Referral or enquires are received.
  2. Contact will be made to arrange a face-to-face assessment.
  3. Individuals will be invited to come and have a viewing.
  4. Fees will be agreed.
  5. Placements will be offered and move in dates will be set.

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The Ranch, Ashford Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL50 2UZ.

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